Breath of Life and the Torch Workout!


Check out this fantastic news story from House Represetative, Dr G of the Bartendaz spreading the word in the community…

TORCH Workout

” Inactivity is the destruction of the body, if you don’t use it you lose it ”

Jack Lalanne

People worldwide have responded to the 100 Rep Challenge with great enthusiasm.

I’ve received emails from various athletes, dancers, firemen, law enforcement, armed forces, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters in regard to program.

BARTENDAZ and JC Santana have entered into a joint venture with Equinox to create a exclusive class based on natural movement body weight exercises, to be featured in Equinox locations throughout NYC.

In addition, BARTENDAZ will partner with Equinox and NYC Parks Department & Recreation on their Get NY Fit campaign to service low income communities with FREE  exercise classes 7 days a week in 43 NYC recreation centers across the city.

The 100 Rep Challenge will be introduced and hopefully embraced by the population who need it most!

Meanwhile, 40 so called at risk school students at Garret Morgan Elementary in the south Bronx, recently rated the most impoverished city in America have already accepted the challenge via a Giant Thinking/BARTENDAZ mental empowerment class.

I share these success stories humbly, in a honest attempt to show my brothers and sisters on this 100 Rep Challenge that your efforts are not in vain.

People are being moved to move, the vibration of that movement is producing a tidal wave of excitement as folks begin to realize their personal responsibility in regards to their personal health.

Its a BEAUTIFUL time to be alive, slow down enjoy the moment – the NOW!!!

Stop stressing the pass and fearing the future.

ENJOY the realities of the possibilities of NOW!!!!!

GIVE 100 THANK YOU’s for what you have, instead of complaining about what you lack, upon closer inspection, I’m sure, you have everything you need.

In order to live your dreams, you must first wake up.

TAKE 100 deep breaths, next time you find yourself in a funk and see if you’re  still feeling funky by the time you get to the 27th breath.

We are building bridges for future generations to cross.

SHARE 100 smiles with people you meet, random strangers, during the day. You will be pleasantly surprised by the responses you receive.

NO EXCUSE the only limitation is your imagination.

100 Salutes




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