Get Your Rep On – 100 Press Ups

The 100 Press Up Challenge

From House Rep James
  • To be asked to do 100 press ups is daunting for almost everyone, it is a challenge for sure. I’m not sure I know anyone that’s managed to do 100 regulation perfect press ups in one set, but that’s not really the point of this particular challenge.
  • The 100 Rep Challenge concept is designed to help people of all fitness levels and this particular challenge can be scaled up or down depending on where on the scale you perceive yourself to be. The press up is a great exercise and just as valid as any other exercise you can imagine, or see in your gym. So ditch the gym for a moment and get stuck in with this:
  • Exercise:  The goal here is to build up to doing 100 press ups throughout your day, whether you do that in sets of 2, 5, 10, 20, 25 or whatever. The important thing is that each rep you do needs to be solid, no cheating just to get another rep.
  • Example: You could do 10 press ups after you wake up in the morning, 10 before you leave for work, 10 when you get a coffee, 10 at lunch, 10 each time you go to the loo (maybe 3 times?), 10 before you leave to come home, 10 when you get home, 10 before bed. And each set might take 20 seconds, so really it takes up no time in your day at all.
  • The Challenge: Once you’re comfortable knocking out some press ups give yourself this challenge: 10 sets of 10 press ups with as little rest between sets as possible. Start with a rest period of 2 minutes perhaps, or 1 minute and as you get more accustomed reduce the rest period. I’m currently on 30 second rest periods and the 100 reps takes just about 5 minutes, again absolutely no time at all to get your reps in.
  • It’s that simple, the Press Up (which will strengthen your chest, shoulders, backs of arms, core, bum, in fact almost all your muscles need to be tensed when doing a press ups), do 100 a day and reduce the rest period between sets as you improve.
  • Scale it down: If you can not yet do 1 single press up you can make it easier by either going on to your knees or by elevating the top half of your body to reduce the load you have to press. You could even start by pressing against a wall and then lower yourself to a desk, chair, stairs and finally the floor as you improve.
  • Scale it up: If you’re super buff and can do this challenge already you can make it harder by sticking a weight on your back so you’re increasing the load, elevating your feet to the stairs, chair, desk, wall; putting your hands in a close diamond formation, wear a weighted vest, do them on suspension straps or rings, or even harder on a pulley system like the War Machine. It’s almost never ending and a great challenge to set your self. Get stuck in and start repping.
About Me: James Davis, I’m a House Rep of the 100 Rep Challenge and run Banstead TaeKwon-Do and Banstead Kettlebell Training.