Just in case you are wondering why these three words crop up on a regular basis, let us explain.

Whilst the human body is a miracle of engineering and we can move in all manner of ways, the Push, the Pull and the Squat are the the three most common patters (aside from walking) that we engage in. We perform these moves unconsciously hundreds of times every day. So, it makes sense to practice our most basic patterns and make sure we are moving with integrity.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll give you the Perfect 10. Ten key things to keep in mind when training push ups, pull ups and squats. What’s more, we’ll outline the simple progressions that can take you from a wall push up to doing your first full body push up. And for those of you who are already banging out reps, we’ll give you some key pointers to make sure you are making the most of your training.

A little done often soon becomes a lot. Make your daily movement a ritual. Set aside time, no matter what. Remember, having a routine actually frees up time. Make a date with your reps!